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Bentonville Chip and Seal

Chip and Seal aka Tar and Rock is an application of a thick layer of tar (liquid asphalt) to a site. A dump truck loaded with rocks or "chips" will lock onto a chip spreader and and pulled backwards. A thick layer of tar is sprayed down in front of the chip spreader.

Chip and Seal is a LOW COST alternative to asphalt offering a more solid surface than gravel. It has a rough texture until it is fully compacted. There will be loose rocks temporarily. The more you drive on it, there will be less loose rocks. Most county roads are Chip and Seal and all material used is State approved.

There is NO regular maintenance to Chip and Seal. Unlike asphalt it does not need to be sealed. This surface should last any where from 5-10 years. Obviously in Central Texas it gets very hot in the summer months, so as long as you don't spin your tires or drive wrecklessly it should be fine. In time when needed we will just add another layer.

DOUBLE CHIP AND SEAL is simply a second layer one applied immediately after one another.

We at Stewarts Asphalt Paving sometimes suggest a Double Chip Seal for the durability.

Most contractors don't "speacialize" in this type of work. Stewarts Asphalt Paving does specialize in Chip and Seal or aka Tar and Rock. We have the knowledge, equipment and the experience!

As with most drives or new parking lots a base is installed. We make sure all site preparation is done by grading or digging out old material. After the Double Chip and Seal process is completed it will be rolled and compacted.

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